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Our need to misuse alcohol is typically not about the alcohol itself. We misuse alcohol for a myriad of reasons. Some of the most common reasons I hear are:

  • I am lonely.
  • I am bored. 
  • I cannot turn my thinking off.

And the reasons get as specific as:

  • I don’t have the same interest in sex with my partner when I don’t drink.
  • My entire career or social life is around alcohol. 
  • I AM the life of the party. 

I have even heard:

  • I own a winery, brewery, distillery. 

During our time working together we will identify what is leading you to drink if and when you don’t wantor overdrinking when you do.

Look, it’s easy to say, “I should cut down” or “I’m not drinking for a while” especially after a night of overindulging has led to a painful event like not remembering what you told the kiddos, an emergency popped up and you were drunk or buzzed, or you black or browned out. 

I should be no surprise that after that pain subsides you allow yourself to drink again. THIS DOES NOT QUALIFY YOU AS AN ADDICT OR HAVING A DISEASE. It simply means you have not built a strong enough case to make a long term or lifetime change. That is my specialty! 

It takes TIME, INTENTION, and PRACTICE, precisely what Conscious Drinking offers through: 

· (4) 25 minute one on one sessions with coach where we will drill down on thoughts, feelings, actions.

· Unlimited texts and emails between sessions for accountability and support.

· Homework and recommended reading will be assigned for deeper learning and understanding. 

One-time payment of $250

A CLIENT'S experience


With non-judgmental compassion Teresa gives her clients tools to delve into their innermost selves to determine what brings excitement, confidence, and strength to their lives, while exploring their relationship with alcohol. She is a woman who spends her life empowering women and I’m grateful to be a part of this shared journey.

Thanks so much Teresa!

With gratitude,

D.B. Oregon