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With non-judgmental compassion Teresa gives her clients tools to delve into their innermost selves to determine what brings excitement, confidence, and strength to their lives, while exploring their relationship with alcohol. She is a woman who spends her life empowering women and I’m grateful to be a part of this shared journey.

Thanks so much Teresa!

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Empowered & Grateful


"I have worked with Teresa, and in six weeks, she helped me establish better habits! That’s all it took for me. Habits were the key, and I never saw it until she observed it.

She is completely respectful of time, is well prepared for sessions, and very intuitive. 

She is not the typical counselor or coach. She is intelligent, not judgemental, and if I might say, kind-hearted and professional at the same time. I highly recommend Teresa. She changed my life." 





My experience with Teresa was one of the best I’ve had with a professional coach, psychologist, guide and what ended up feeling like a friend.

In no way was Teresa confrontational and in every way was supportive, encouraging and in each and every assessment call, she welcomed my true self (even if I wasn’t sure what that was), and left the door open for me to look a little deeper and differently at what was playing out in my life….Truth is, talking about my relationship with alcohol wasn’t easy - it took a year for me to nerve-up to call her – but we ended up talking less about alcohol and more about what was behind the relationship that I have with it.

Teresa campaigned my finding /exploring the fullest version of a good and joyous life that I could, the biggest challenge I face. Turns out my challenges are not rooted in alcohol but rather my choices/perceptions. I experienced such freedom and relief in talking to someone that didn’t label me as “alcoholic” and insist or refer to the oft-associated disease model we all know.

My deepest gratitude to a level headed, heart-centered person; thank you, Teresa.

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If you are hesitant about working with Teresa, hesitate NO MORE!  I’d been struggling for years, thinking I was doomed to be an “alcoholic” for the rest of my days.  I tried everything – moderation, abstinence, online coaching groups, books. Nothing seemed to stick with me. I felt worse and worse about myself. I began researching personalized Recovery Coaching. I interviewed a couple, but the philosophy didn’t resonate with me. Then I came upon Teresa’s website.  I ordered her book, Wholly Sober, read it in one weekend, and then I hired her.

Teresa’s thorough assessments guided me gently toward my own knowing and strength. By using her super intuitive abilities, she can get right to the heart of the matter with honesty, kindness, and most of all, humor!  For the first time in YEARS, the wine just isn’t a “thing.” It’s there if I want it, but the thing is, I want it less and less. I’m free. Don’t stay lost; let Teresa guide you back to yourself 





I was beating myself up for overindulging in alcoholic drinks at weekends which was also creeping into weekdays. I couldn’t seem to get a grip on changing my habits and was worried about the effects my habits had on both my mental and physical health. I wasn’t an alcoholic, but I had a level of concern about my drinking. In just 28 days, I feel way more confident in making healthier choices and drinking within healthy guidelines. Thank you, Teresa, your coaching has already had a huge and beneficial impact on my life and my wellbeing!

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay



Before working with Teresa, I struggled for over 20 years to find a solution to my problems with alcohol. I tried just about everything but nothing really resonated with me or created lasting change. Nothing was a fit. What was worse was I felt like I was stuck in life with a sense of hopelessness I could not shake.

The 28 Day Sober Resolve has far exceeded any expectations I had about how things could change for me. I was skeptical after having had lots of experience with other approaches. I also had tried just about everything and wondered if this would be different and it absolutely is! I was not disappointed one bit.

Teresa redirected my attention from quitting and all that was wrong to improving my life by helping me discover and define the goals and dreams I wanted to work towards in an exciting way. My feelings towards alcohol shifted without the usual struggle. It was no longer about whether or not I could stop drinking, but about designing the life I have known deep down, I was meant to have.

Teresa is sincere and knowledgable. Her confidence and clarity are infectious! From our first conversation, I knew she believes wholeheartedly in what she is doing. She outlined how the 28 days sober resolve worked, and things unfolded pretty much exactly the way she suggested they would. The best part is that I feel like the work we do together is tailored to me and my situation personally. Her coaching style is unique and refreshing, not some pop-psych fluff.

I am currently not drinking and loving it, but better yet I’m not struggling with the constant inner battle I had while trying to stop for years. After the 28 Day Resolve, I have a whole new outlook on what is possible. I have uncovered dreams and parts of myself I had forgot I even had.

I highly recommend the 28 Resolve program to anyone seeking clarity about their drinking, but more importantly interested in discovering the best version of themselves. That is the gift she has given me. 

Photo by Bardo  Luna

Photo by Bardo  Luna



 I drink – consciously and comfortably. But it took a lot of awareness and thought, which I was able to achieve through Teresa’s insightful help. Alcohol played a role in my childhood, where I would see my mother drinking multiple goblets of white wine every night. I know now that she was medicating chronic depression. As I entered my forties, I found myself doing the same thing, but didn’t worry too much because “it was just a few glasses of white wine.” Then life got harder, what with life challenges, including caring for my aging parents and a brother on disability.

I give myself credit for being a pretty bright bulb – I’ve got a Ph.D., a thriving business, and I studied chemical dependency and conducted substance abuse interventions with addicted individuals. It took a long time for me to realize the toll my nightly glasses of white wine were taking on my life, even when they evolved into a love for bourbon cocktails. I was slowing down, gaining weight, becoming increasingly more depressed and less interested in enjoying the world around me.

I’ve never wanted to stop drinking entirely – I’ll be frank about that. But as I realized the price I was paying in terms of my own satisfaction with my life, with Teresa’s help I began to examine when I drank and why, learning that much like my mother, I was medicating stress. No longer willing to ignore my dissatisfaction with my life, I focused on what Teresa calls the “pink cloud” – the elements of life that bring fulfillment. As I worked to design a richer life, I also developed an awareness of my drinking. 

No longer do I unconsciously settle in with my “innocent” wine at night, or conveniently find ways to meet up with friends who like to drink. Instead, I have cut back on my stressors, introduced a lot of pleasurable activities into my life and focus on my pink cloud. Do I still drink? Yes, but very consciously. And if it goes beyond social enjoyment into numbing stress, I focus on self-care instead of self-medication. What am I not giving myself that leads to the desire to medicate with alcohol? What do I need to do to take very good care of myself and live in my pink cloud?

Not every woman who struggles with alcohol is an alcoholic. But those of us who have the courage to look at how it impacts our life will benefit greatly from Teresa’s insights and support. Life is short and we deserve to live it well. 

Photo by andres chaparro

Photo by andres chaparro



I so sincerely appreciate Teresa working with me around my issues. It means the world to me. I’m committed. I put a lot of things in place that we spoke about, like my progress calendar for advance planning and goal setting. That's been working really well for me. I've also gotten a lot more honest with my partner about my day to day struggles and that's lifted a huge weight off my mind. Being honest instead of deceitful is just so much better for us and our relationship. He is a true gem and supports me endlessly even though I know it's tough. Just THANK YOU again. You're a wonderful person and a true inspiration to me in more ways than one. You're an awesome Coach! 

Helping women release shame around their drinking so they can be honest with themselves and others.

Helping women release shame around their drinking so they can be honest with themselves and others. 




After I read "Wholly Sober"  I knew I wanted to work with Teresa.  We talked and decided on the 28 day resolve. That was a fantastic decision.

Teresa is insightful and never ever did she make me feel bad about myself, which is something we came to see is a large part of my problem. We started with a questionnaire and then had a talking session.

I spent a lot of time on the questionnaires for a few reasons:  The questions were very thoughtfully written and practical.  I was able to go to the root of my issues and then talk it out with Teresa.  She is an amazing guide. Not once did she tell me what to do, though what she did do was give me practical ways to tweak my thinking or behaviors.

I don't have to spend hours in meditation or doing yoga (which I hate) or a range of other things that would never fit into my life style.  Though I am sure some people would benefit from those great things, I would not.  She was very in tune with the suggestions she gave to me, as an individual.

Another reason for me spending time on the questionnaire, I am at a turning point where I want to change and I definitely felt this was going to help, and it did.

The third reason, Teresa put a lot of work into writing these questions and preparing for our sessions, I wanted to show her the same level of commitment.  I respect her that much, and she is that important to my growth.

I am looking forward to her next book, and working with her again.  I highly recommend Teresa!

Gaining clarity & insight through the assessments enabling clients to see alcohol is not the problem

Gaining clarity & insight through the assessments enabling clients to see alcohol is not the problem