Life Coach Alcohol and Sober Freedom

Life Coach, Author, Advocate freedom from alcohol habit no AA twelve-steps

28 Day Resolve

When Alcoholism Is Not The Problem & Recovery Is Not The Solution

  • You've been rethinking your drinking
  • You don't identify as an alcoholic
  • Alcoholic Anonymous is not a good fit
  • You can make a conscious choice to drink or not drink
  • You are not drinking and driving or endangering anybody
  • You're not ready to quit, but would like to learn how to take charge
  • You would like the choice to mindfully moderate, practice abstinence for a time-being, or go for total abstinence

28 Day Resolve

Preventing the progression along the alcohol use continuum


  • (4) Proven self-assessments each week that move you through the process
  • (4) One-on-one coach sessions to support deeper understanding and clarity
  • Unlimited text and email support through 28 Day Resolve
  • Additional homework assignments, as needed, to develop new strategies, skills, and insights

*Pink Cloud Coaching/Teresa Rodden does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition, including alcoholism. 

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We acknowledge that the 28 Day Resolve is not for everybody.

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